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By Super User Hits: 393 Published 19 July 2014 COM_TDOWNLOADSTORE_PARENT
Possible Friends For CB Logo
GNU/GPL v2 or later
Added On
 19 July 2014
1 (Last update on 22 July 2014)
Possible Friends Screnshot

Community builder users can find possible friends or people that may have the same interests, live in the same neighborhood, studied in the same school, or anything else that the administrator wants.

Suitable for reuniondatingsocial sites.

It is going increase member connectivity. Your users can find potential friends according to their, for example, hobbies, city, age, favorite books (and actually any custom community builer field)!

The administrator can set weights to specific community builder fields with relations to the current user:

  • equals,
  • different,
  • like,
  • greater than ,
  • less than

The fields are selected by drop down select boxes.

Furthermore, a weight can be set for friends' friends.

The system creates a score for each possible friend, according to the weights and the users with the highest scores will be displayed (horizontally or vertically).

Moreover, we added the ability to show stars according to possibility of being friends with another user (1 to 5).