Mobile Apps that Work With Joomla

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Having problems with your site? We are able to solve any annoiances appearing, such as:
  • Javascript errors,
  • Database difficulties,
  • PHP Code,
  • Hosting and Linux environments related errors.


Custom Components Joomla Development

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any joomla extension, on demand. Just contact us and you will be surprised by our excellent prices and offers.
  • Components, Modules & Plugins of any kind.
  • Telecommunication Server - Joomla cooperation.
  • Mobile Applications that wok with joomla sites.


Custom Components Joomla Development

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Have a look to our ready made joomla extensions and enjoy our low prices and excellent support.
Mobile Apps that Work With Joomla

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Our knowlendge about joomla as well as our ability to develop mobile applications, may offer your users, administrators & clients, the ability to perform tasks related to your site using their mobile phone.

Custom Development

Our company has managed to create a well established network of companies that trust us for their special coding requirements.

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We Are Able to produce any joomla extensions such as:

  • Components joomla components icon
  • Modules joomla modules icon
  • Plugins joomla plugins icon


You will be surprised from our low prices and great support

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Popular Joomla Products

no limit to what we can create in Joomla
Rss 2 Article


Automatically Fetch articles from external sites, as long they have an RSS feed. May be stored as:
  • "Normal" articles
  • K2 Items
The process can be repeated, for unlimited sources, and you are able to exclude parts of the incoming articles. Images are store locally, leaving no traces to the source site.


Backup Mail Checker

Let joomla check your backups. This component, allows you to filter out backup emails, whether thery were successful on not according to specific filters. This extension can:
  • Send you sms and email alert messages.
  • Check if a programmed email did not arrive
Highly recomended for hosts and data center administrators.

Mail Word Checker

Voipswitch Joomla Component

Sell Voipswicth calling cards.

Your users will have a nice user interface full of web 2.0 ajax forms that allows:

  • Ulimited Card (payment plans) Companies,
  • Ulimited Company categories,
  • Ulmited Card types,
  • Card fixed & custom (set by user) prices,
  • Automatic Card (user in terms of voipswitch) creatiion by web - joomla server to voipswitch